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Risk Management

Part of our process of protecting your financial futures is managing risk – the risk of unpleasant events that happen far too often in life. Protecting you is as important as protecting your assets, and we turn to insurance to transfer that risk away from you and your family. Your financial future will only be stable and secure if we proactively mitigate risk. To ensure your loved ones are provided for we will consider life and disability insurance. To ensure you have the quality of care you deserve, without putting a strain on family resources or depleting a legacy you took great care to build, we look to long-term care insurance. Your financial future depends on protecting your quality of life and your assets as well as your portfolio.

Risk Insurance

Our team of Insurance Specialists identifies risks which could tremendously impair your financial situation. While it’s important to focus on what may go right with your situation, it’s also crucial to consider how you may be negatively impacted without protections in place. Cost effectively transferring risk to the deeper pockets of an insurance company may be prudent to minimize the financial damage of a catastrophic, unanticipated event.

Some of the ways we utilize insurance in the wealth planning process include:

  • Life Insurance: Considers income replacement as well as business succession funding and estate planning through a vehicle which may be income tax and estate tax free, if structured properly.
  • Disability Insurance: Protects your income in the event of your inability to work prior to financial freedom.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Provides financial support for Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) in respite care, adult day care, in-home care, assisted living as well as nursing home care.