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Your Personal Financial Dream Center

Organize - Know - Monitor - Safekeep - Collaborate

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Our comprehensive financial advisory service includes providing you with convenient access to accurate timely information about your financial life. To do so, Morgan Financial Group provides each client with access to their own Financial Dream Center.

The benefits of your Financial Dream Center include:

Consolidation:  Real-time snapshot of all your financial holdings, all in one place.

Convenience:  24/7 access to your investments, budget, spending and financial documents.

Vault:  Secure online storage for valuable documents such as wills, trusts and insurance.

Real-time Values: Daily valuation for up-to-date picture of investments, budget and spending

Collaboration: You may collaborate with your advisor online from your home or office.

Incomparable Services

We make your life easier, both on a daily basis and particularly in a time of crisis. All of your financial information is secure, protected and non-transactional. 

Real-time Insight: Traditional wealth management firms typically report information as a "snapshot in time" in the past. We update account values daily so your portfolio reflects current market information so you may plan for the future not respond to the past.

Constant Monitoring: We closely monitor your progress toward goals and make adjustments as required by changes in your life and the markets.

Proactive Engagement: We anticipate, and proactively inform you of changes in the financial markets and your holdings that may impact your ability to achieve your goals.

Peace of Mind: We do not have access to your transactional accounts and will not move money.  We ensure your financial information is secure and protected.